Monday, September 22, 2008

what a night

I spoke too soon in my last post-we did some major relaxing, but not without some drama too. While having a bath last night, G slipped in the tub. no major crying, but he had a small cut right near his eye. Since we weren't sure if he hurt his eye-we decided to take him to the ER in the next town. DH and I both concurred that if we had Urgent Care here, we would have done that, but we didn't feel comfortable waiting until morning to go to the pediatrician, or just doing nothing at all. We drove together, and I hung out w/ the oldest and youngest, while R went w/ G. 3 hours later, we were home. Just a slight bruise, and a $50 ER copay (That will come in the mail next week). We were tempted to hit the fast food on the way home, since the boys had already eaten, but R and I hadn't (we were planning to eat after the boys had showered, but G fell). I decided that we could just go home, and whip something up. As it turns out, DH fell asleep while putting the boys to bed, and I munched on some food that we brought back from our trip. So, temptation was avoided, even through the mix of an unexpected expense. Maybe we're getting the hang of this budgeting stuff after all.

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Jilse said...

I am so glad that G is o.k. It's so scary when something happens to one of the kids. I hate that feeling of "Am I being overprotective, or do I need to have this checked out."

Good for you for avoiding temptation yet again. When we are stressed we eat, and I am pretty sure that in your situation we would have bought the fast food.