Sunday, September 14, 2008

family shopping

i bet i'm not the only one-when you shop w/ spouses, kids, etc., you spend more, right? r has been wanting to get crystal light for what seems like forever, and i purposely leave it at the store every time. why? because the cans of the stuff i bought months ago are still sitting here. today he asks again. i hate saying no-for so many reasons, the primary one it makes me feel like it puts us in a child-parent behavior between us, and it sucks. so i relent. he promises to bring it to work, and use it there. at this point, i don't care, as long as he's not buying soda at work on top of using the crystal light there. one vice is okay, but adding two or more when we have stuff to use up first, that is just a pet peeve of mine. the rest of our grocery shopping trip went well, we stayed under budget. $85 for the week, and most items will get us through two weeks, if not longer. we're still on track for eating at home, and i have stuff to prep for this week to make life easier when we'll be out later at playgroups and mom group activities. the rest of the weekend should be a breeze, we're home for the rest of the day. some housework, some lounging, some playing w/ the boys. makes for a quiet day.

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Jilse said...

Yep, I always spend more money when I shop with Mr.Man. When I shop alone I stick to my list and leave the store. With him there is always something else he wants that never made it to the list. And it's usually something he doesn't need.

We did Costco also. I splurged and bought the pumpkin Spice bread box. It just isn't Fall to me without my pumpkin spice bread. I am going to try and hold out until next month to start making it. A little splurge now and then can't hurt anything right?