Sunday, May 30, 2010


This week was a busy week, seems like there was always something going on. I had two big events to plan, both happening over the weekend. One was M's 6th birthday party, and the other was our End of the Year Banquet for our Moms Club. In the busy rush which has been this month, I almost forgot to mention that I was nominated and accepted the position of President for next year. I am looking forward to taking this new role on, and have big shoes to fill. Here's a sweet picture of the five of us from this year's board.
On Friday, R and I went to Parent Appreciation Day at M's school. It was great to see how far M has come in the past year, and provided a nice sense of closure on his first year in school. I took several video clips of the songs, but for some reason I can't upload them on here. I'll see if I can work out the snags later, but n the meantime, here are a few pictures.

Back in the classroom, M showed us the work he was doing, and presented us with a little gift.
All smiles on this happy day :)

Saturday, May 29, 2010


For Matthew's birthday we went to a country music festival in T town. It was perfect weather to set out blankets, listen to up and coming country music performers and watch bull riding. The kids had a great time, we were there for most the day, and the fresh air also helped me deal w/ my queasy stomach. By the end of the night, we all came home and fell into bed.

Clips from the bull riding!

Mother's Day was sweet and simple. We went out to brunch and then to a local park in V town. The boys had a great time, and exerted a lot of their energy on the play equipment. I spent most of afternoon on the couch, dealing with all day nausea and fatigue.

We took the kids to the Swedish festival in town, and they enjoyed a icy cold treat. There were lots of booths around, and we also ran into classmates and friends. It was one of those events where when you live in a small town, you're running into everyone you know :)

Monday, May 24, 2010


The highlight for this week was helping out in M's class and celebrating his birthday with cupcakes in his class. His teacher does birthday hugs or "spanks" which the kids always get a good giggle from-and of course, M provided for lots of giggles. He was thrilled to be 6, and even more excited that the days are ticking down to him becoming a first grader. Soon enough, soon enough :)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

April wrap up, and May forward

I love my outings with each of the boys, each one has his own time, and I relish seeing how their personalities differ. E is my spunky one, full of smiles over a treat at Panera Bread.
Mmmmm pumpkin muffin!
We went to a park w/ our playgroup and E loved chasing the ducks.
E playing on the playground.
M had Back to School night. I love this image of R w/ the younger two boys, reminds me of the one that I took way back when in Sept. with R holding M's hand. Now M wanted to walk alone, Mr. Independant :)

M walking to Back to School Night.
Daddy and E checking out the display in M's class.
M on the classroom scavenger hunt.
M's family project. We kept it simple, so M could do it, and he was proud of it.
M and his friend L, both me and his mom volunteer together every week.
E at a park for a birthday party.
Love how the birthday parties we've gone to have been at the park, beautiful weather, lovely time with friends. We've known this little boy since both him and M were maybe 10 months old, and both our families have expanded to three kids.
E took a whack at the pinata.

G helped get the pinata down out of the tree.
E enjoyed the sweet treats inside.
This past week I went w/ M and his whole school (yes, all 200+ kids) to the Fresno zoo. It was exhausting, but fun. I partnered up w/ another mom I knew, and we took our four boys all over the place. It was great seeing M get more out of the zoo this time than he did last year, maybe because they've been talking a lot about animals.
My little monkey :)
The bus ride home was nice and quiet ;)
Another birthday party at a park this weekend. Great weather. Good time with friends we've known in town since our eldest were babies in daycare (back when both us moms were in grad school.

This month was a bit of a challenge to blog, but my plan is not to let it fall by the wayside. We have plenty of adventures ahead, both close to home, and far away. Life has been busy at home trying to keep up w/ the day to day (R rocks in so many ways!) and putting our rooms back together after getting painted and new carpet (which I'm not sure I even posted?). Lots have been going to donations, including some of my beloved books, ready to find a new home, and me, ready to have room for new activites and a new appreciation for simplicity. Looking forward to hitting the farmers markets hard core soon, and gearing up to can and learn some new skills (like knitting :) ) So adieu April, you passed by in a blink; and Hello May :)