Monday, April 19, 2010


Yes, I'm behind on blogging, but there's a lot going on at home, and I'm not quite ready to share it online. So here are some pictures from a couple of weeks ago, and I'll post up pictures from last week in a little bit.
We went to Family Fun Night in K town, a one night blast fundraiser for the schools in town, comes close to raising $8k in one swoop, between tickets, food, and the silent auction. We go every year, and every year do a little more. This year I won some cool prizes at the auction, including haircuts for the boys, a bowling party for 8 people (can you say fun summer activity for the boys), and handmade jewelry. Beautiful :) The boys got their faces painted, and it always amazes me how their personalities come out with the choices they make.

Matthew had an eagle, Gabriel had a rocket ship, and Elijah had a horse.

The younger boys and I did an egg hunt w/ Moms Club, the two had fun playing on the playground and searching for candy filled eggs.

On Sat we went to C's birthday party. The boys were ecstatic to give him a skateboard, and spent the afternoon practicing with him.
The birthday party was simple, and so much fun. Gabriel is still talking about it two weeks later. The kids roasted hot dogs and marshmallows over a fire pit, and played in a trampoline outside. Sheer fun!
R received an award in Sacramento for referring clients to outreach programs. I am so proud of him, it was a big deal for him to get this. Here he is with his plaque that is going in his office :)
Spring in the Central Valley wouldn't be the same without going to Vintage Days. Every year we go, and we stay longer, and do more. This year, we had all three boys on the pony rides, and each one loved it. They also played in the bounce houses, and did various arts and crafts. We found a shady spot, and relaxed when it became warm. It was a wonderful family activity.

I took M to a birthday party for one of his classmates at the gun club in k town. It was so relaxing out by the water, and the kids had a ball playing in the bounce house and playground. The playground had this cool spinning thing, and the kids took turns pushing each other, and hopping on it. It made me a bit queasy to watch it spin, but M had a ball.
A silly moment with my three monkeys. I took this picture and am sending it out to family and friends with a special message on it. A big thanks goes out to one of my friends who shared the idea with me.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


This past week I've been really sick. Haven't been up to doing much of anything, felt like I was going through the motions of getting everything together for each morning. To add to it, R's mom was admitted Sunday to the hospital for what turned out to be a serious kidney infection. We had to go up there since R has medical power of attorney in case something went wrong, at this point she should be okay, but is in the hospital for observation. I have an appointment today w/ the dr to see what is going on with me, this is completely out of the norm for how I usually am. At first I thought it was just the new paint and flooring smells, but the weird feeling has not subsided with airing out the house. Speaking of which I need to upload pictures, but right now feeling queasy and going to lay down before my appointment.

Sunday, April 4, 2010


This week's entry is short because we're waiting for the carpet to be replaced tomorrow and I did not want to set up our computer station to have to take it down again in one night. Our Spring Break was wonderful, our trip to the Bay Area was a success. I took the boys everywhere from an organic farm, to the Children's Discovery Museum. to Stanford to meet our friends Dana and her family face to face. It was awesome, and it was great to return home and see the new coat of paint and repairs to the walls throughout our living area.
Easter was quiet and mellow at home with a pleasant suprise too. It was a memorable week and one that won't be forgotten.