Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Photos are sparse this week, and maybe for a little bit, while I play catch up on my blog. Life has been zipping along this month, and as such, time goes by very fast. We set up our wireless home network (thanks to a friend coming over and helping me) and my crafting corner is taking shape. I finally unpacked the Cricut Expression I bought w/ all my accrued mypoints, swagbucks, and various survey site reward coupons, and have that set up too. Ebay has been a useful tool in acquiring the cartridges at a major discount, and I think I have eight for what it would cost me retail to get two. Love being frugal and still getting good deals! So while I've been getting the physical stuff set up, I've come into need of a good system for putting pictures on both the laptop and main computer. Once I get that squared away, it'll be a lot easier to order pictures online, and then posting them on various platforms. I have some scrapbook dates coming up, so that will happen soon. We've been busy daily with trips, and the boys activities in summer camp. I am starting to physically feel better during this pregnancy, and having faith and the support of my husband and friends has made a world of difference. Its hard to believe next week we get to see our little one on ultrasound again, and I'm barely showing. I have been taking pictures of myself w/ this one, and it really does look different than the past few pregnancies. Between the symptoms, sickness, and my friends looking at various birth calendars, indications are pointing at a girl. Well we're off to our next big adventure, so I'll post more later.

G's Spring preschool picture
E's Spring preschool picture

Saturday, June 19, 2010


On a blustery Saturday morning we had M's birthday party at the park in town. Its a tradition of ours to have it there, and with years past, I'm always glad we do. This year we had 20 kids, some sibling groups from both our playgroup and school friends, and it was so much fun :)M and C gave each other the same gift (intentional) this year-skateboards! They have already spent time here at the house, and will spend lots of time this summer learning how to use them.
Mmmm pizza!
Keeping with our tradition, homemade cupcakes w/ vanilla frosting and a flat's worth of strawberries that we bought the night before at the farmer's market. Along w/ a couple of bottles of apple juice and a large cooler of water, we were set :)
This was E's favorite vantage point on this day.
Friends taking a break from playing on the playground.
Mmmm cupcake!
The whole gang-hard to believe we've known some of these kids since before they could walk!
The party continued at home, with having some friends over to play in the afternoon.
E was relishing a rare lollipop ;-)
The following day M went to a friend's birthday party at another park. He had the best time playing t-ball and then hitting the pinata.
M and the birthday boy :)
On Sunday evening I went to my Moms Club End of the Year banquet. This is what I put in each bag.
The bags on display at the event.
The raffle prizes we bought ahead of time.
We presented our former president with a scrapbook made by our members. Very sweet!
I was presented w/ a thank you for being the treasurer for this year, and then went through the candle lighting with the members to transition to the new board. It was emotional and sweet, considering we've been together for quite some time. We've all had our second and third (and now fourth) babies together, and the friendships we've gained have been invaluable as we navigate this journey called motherhood.