Monday, December 31, 2012


 December was a flurry of activity-I was in the moment, keeping up with the day to day, being present for my four children. A broken camera, a slow computer, life. It got busier than I thought possible. The noise level at my home-yeah, it was loud. Laughter, tears, hugs, giggles. Four active, healthy children kept me on my toes. It was bittersweet to let this blog slide the past month (not to mention most of the year) but maybe that's what happens when there are young children that need (and deserve) attention. As for the future, I have plans and ideas in my head-I feel with Rebecca turning two this past November (2!-really! who saw that coming?) my head is getting more out of the little baby/toddler stage. Wait, not just out of the toddler stage, but more. The crazed, do everything, multitasking to the nth degree stage too. At the very least I've stepped it down a notch, just so I can be in the present on what matters to us. Faith, family, friends. It works for us. I won't claim to know/have all the answers, but that is the mystery and beauty in life. I have no plans to end this blog (although I did consider it at one point). My plans will unfold in the weeks to come, so stay tuned. Until then, may 2012 close its doors, bringing forth hope, peace, and love t.o those we know, both near and far. We wish you all a blessed New Year.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Birthday Boy- Elijah

Elijah's my third son, and the one that was hardest to name. I distinctly remember when he was born, how he looked wise and serene, full of wisdom beyond his years. I think of him as an old man in a young boy's body, since his perspective on life, since he is quick with good humor and witty remarks. I love this boy, and its been an adjustment not to have him as my sidekick this year once he entered kindergarten. This year he turned five, and his request was simple-a treat brought to school, and an ice cream cake. Oh to be five, and happy with such simple things. Happy birthday Elijah, we love you!