Wednesday, October 10, 2012

almost 2

I took these images when we walked home after taking Elijah to kindergarten earlier this week. She was content in her stroller, and then wanted to walk. This stoop caught her eye, and gave me an opportunity for an impromptu photo session. Rebecca is feisty, full of laughter and conversation. She loves her babies, and sitting on the counter to crack eggs into a bowl. She's 22 months, almost two. 

Monday, October 1, 2012

Food changes at home

For the past six months we've been slowly changing our diet at home-change is gradual, and doesn't happen overnight. It may not sound impressive, but the strides we've made at home, well, its a lot different than how we used to shop. Part of it was purely financial, but then as I explored more recipes, and my creativity, and aligned myself with like minded people, I see that it''s manageable.

So what is this change- pure and simple, it's eating whole food. Yes, most the items in my pantry now reside in my freezer and refrigerator are still in their form given by nature. The farmer's stand is used bi-weekly, and Grocery Outlet is used weekly for my organic purchases. Winco is used for bulk bins (grains, popcorn, dried fruit, etc.) Local markets like Kristina's have become a go-to store to explore, and use when I'm in the area (their markdown area!)

The vegetable garden didn't happen this year, but supporting local farmers did. I learned how to roast, puree, steam, better than I once did, and actually make food taste good. On my pinterest recipes board, I've saved the ones that have worked out for us, and have more that I want to try. We're setting ourselves up to bid on a cow, pig, or lamb (or combination of) this year from the fair. I'm excited to support the local kids raising the animals, and excited to really buy local.

Most items I purchase now for our home are either organic, unprocessed, or in purer forms. It is a switch, my kids used to scarf down macaroni and cheese from the blue box, or I'd have frozen toaster strudels in the toaster for breakfast. Sauces and mixes, well those use to reside next to my spice rack. Now the spices outnumber the mixes (although I will be making my own eventually).

Reading this, it sounds like I'm a warden of the food in the house. I don't think that's a fair portrayal. I choose to do this-and strive for not casting judgement for those who do differently from us. For our family, this works. I still like to go out to eat, I still like my french fries and onion rings. We occasionally have Little Caesar's because I don't want to cook, and the kids think its a huge treat.  I'm a lover of chocolate and candy. I am just doing the best I can to stretch those days further out, with more homemade in the mix.