Saturday, May 29, 2010


For Matthew's birthday we went to a country music festival in T town. It was perfect weather to set out blankets, listen to up and coming country music performers and watch bull riding. The kids had a great time, we were there for most the day, and the fresh air also helped me deal w/ my queasy stomach. By the end of the night, we all came home and fell into bed.

Clips from the bull riding!

Mother's Day was sweet and simple. We went out to brunch and then to a local park in V town. The boys had a great time, and exerted a lot of their energy on the play equipment. I spent most of afternoon on the couch, dealing with all day nausea and fatigue.

We took the kids to the Swedish festival in town, and they enjoyed a icy cold treat. There were lots of booths around, and we also ran into classmates and friends. It was one of those events where when you live in a small town, you're running into everyone you know :)

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