Sunday, September 28, 2008

weekend update

This weekend has been the best one in a long, long time! Yesterday was my scrap day, so I attempted to let R sleep in while I tended to the boys. No such luck, they wanted both of us, and R was just happy I was up and taking the lead. We ate breakfast together, and my friend picked me up at 9:15. I told R that whatever hedid, I was cool with, even though I secretly was concerned that he'd blow the bank. I gave him the last of my cash ($12), and hoped that we'd have some left over for today. Before heading to the scrap fest, I picked up some extra prints at Walgreens (awesome sale-only 10 cents a print through Oct 4th!), and we headed to the scrapbook store.

We got to the store, and I was glad to see I wasn't the only one carting around a ton of scrapbooking supllies. I figured the owner would have a ton of extra stuff for sale, and I was right. Oodles of pages, embellishments, and stickers greeted me. I was tempted to bring money for stuff, I only brought enough for a snack or extra drink (in case I ran out of what I brought), but decided I'd use what I have first, and if I wanted to buy something, it was only after I used up my own stuff.
The morning went great-I learned that for every page we completed, we got a raffle ticket, and every hour 3 winners were chosen. I completed 5 pages by noon, and was suprised when I won several raffle prizes (free scrapbooking items!). We had lunch at noon, and it was nice to take a break, and rest my hands and eyes.

Later on in the afternoon, R stopped by with the boys. They had hit up a local carnival (which was free!) and R still had $10 in his pocket. He told me he packed a lunch for the boys, and they all ate at the fair. The boys were well behaved, and while they initially asked for rides ($2-4 each, yikes!), once he told them they were there just to walk around, they didn't continually beg for them. He also took them to Costco for samples, and to use the remainder of the coupons in the store's latest book. I nursed the baby (who had done awsome all day), and said hi to the boys. They didn't fuss when I left, and I felt really good about staying at the store to cotinue my project.

I took two breaks, one for a trip to Foster Freeze with the other participants (got a yummy ice cream for $1.62), and a trip to WalMart for extra supplies (I browsed, but didn't buy). Dinner was served there, and I was suprised at how nice everything was set up. Eventually, I ran out of glue, and was tempted to spend some money on the glue there (even though it wasn't one that I was used to using). However, my friend loaned me an extra one of hers, s I didn't have to outlay any money.
At the end of the night, we had a grand prize drawing. I barely paid attention to all the stuff that was in it, since I didn't want to focus/pin my hopes on winning it. To my utter delight, I won!!! I went through the tote bag of stuff, and saw so many items that I had wanted to buy already, but was determined not to purchase. There were pads of paper, embellishments, stickers, ribbons, die cuts, paper frames, a cutting tool, and lots of cute stuff. The stickers were still on the items, and after totaling everything, The retail value of everything in the bag was $125! Along w/ the $8 of raffle prizes I won, I made out like a bandit!

I came home at midnight, R was awake. I told him how I appreciated him watching the boys, and told him how I hoped I could go again. He said the boys were awesome, he appreciated all that I do everyday, and that whenever they have the scrapfests (every other month), I could go! Yay!

This morning I got up w/ the boys, to once again let R sleep in (which didn't happen, once again). We had a nice breakfast at home, and I took G and E for a nice long walk w/ G's tricycle around the neighborhood. R is having M hel him w/ the bike, and later on we may go out. Not sure yet if we'll take the boys to get shoes, or just hang out somewhere cool (its supposed to be 100 degrees today), but we'll play it by ear. After yesterday, I think we all just want to have a mellow, relaxing Sunday. The last thing to do is make dinner, and considering we've been eating at home, we'll be just fine eating at home tonight.

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Jilse said...

WOW!! WTG J on winning all that cool scrapbooking stuff! That is awesome!!! Enjoy it all!

It sounds like you had one heck of a great weekend and that makes me so happy for you!! Have a great week to!