Friday, September 12, 2008

Happy Friday!

yesterday was such a long day, i fell asleep while putting the boys to bed. poor hubby, he fell asleep on the couch. he made me laugh though-he said the next moms night out i could go to (even though, its never like i need permission, its just about rearranging his schedule if he's supposed to work late). he was so glad i was supportive of him, and not chewing his head off about the money situation. i told him there were much bigger things to worry about, and we'll get through this. i won't say that i'll be a piece of cake, but we'll get through it.

on another topic, last night i told r how i've been going down memory lane, with heading up the new playgroups, and sorting through baby clothes. also seeing babies at playgroups, knowing others are expecting, or still considering adding to their family, it makes me feel like i want part of that special club-whatever club that is. at the same time, i really enjoyed escaping the other night to a mom's house for wine and snacks, and girl talk and movies. we talked about having big families, starting school, us moving forward as moms, joining ptas, life w/ lots of older children. it made me excited about what's yet to come. even going out by myself-well, we're finally at that place w/ three kids where i can go out like i did when we just had two at home. i thought for sure i'd never get there again since having three was so hard. however, we did it-it was all about teamwork and priorities and knowing theres always a certain level of chaos at home. we had a good laugh about it at the moms night in, something about once we let go of our control freak tendencies (to a point) it made for a happier momma, not to mention, a much happier household.

so happy friday everyone. we're off to run errands today, go to the library, off to enjoy a cup of coffee, maybe to the park. someone online told me about torani syrups for a great price, so i'm going to check out a couple places to compare then put an order in. hope you're having a great day too :)

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