Thursday, September 18, 2008

musings about babies and our family

R went for the consult for his v today. I happened to be after the boys preschool, so we all went along for the ride (down to one car, we're spending a lot more time together). I took the boys out for a ride during his appt, and the boys were well behaved, making it a breeze. When R came to the car, he said we need to talk-again? We've talked, over and over, but it does seem that although we know we're done, doing the v makes it final. No form of birth control is completely 100%, so we always have to consider that something could happen if he doesn't get the v. While I'm not crazy about having another child-its more the inital months that are challenging, I'd never regret adding to our family. Who knows if I'd go back to work-at this point, I figure I'll go back to social work eventually, until then, I'll find something to do. So are we ready for it, ready to close this chapter?

Meanwhile, last night my sister became engaged to her boyfriend. I'm excited about this young man becoming part of our family, and personally can't wait for them to start their own family. R tells me that having nieces or nephews is a great way to enjoy babies, w/ the added perk of handing them back once they begin to cry. He also said that by the time my sister starts her own family, our boys will be older and we'll enjoy the freedom of having older kids, vs the necessary hands on time that comes with having young kids (especially three kids 4 years old and younger). The first thing that came to my mind-as soon as my sister has her own, I'm going to want one too. Not for wrong reasons, but because our boys will be older, and easier, and maybe, just maybe we'd be ready for one more then...Sigh....another reason to reconsider R getting the v done.

There's more to write about, our trip this weekend, the emotional part of watching our dollars, and continuing to eating at home (we're still doing it!). I'll see if I get to it tonight, but it may have to wait until tomorrow. The evergrowing mountain of laundry awaits!

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Jilse said...

I totally understand. The big V is so final. You know that you will NEVER have another baby again. At least with regular birth control there's always the opps factor. Which could be a good thing depending on how you look at it.

If it was up to me to be fixed, right now I would say "No way!" and I don't know if I'll ever be able to close that door. If Mr. Man really truly wants to be done, it'll probably be up to him to make things permanent. Right now that doesn't seem likely.