Thursday, September 25, 2008

sleepless nights

I can't sleep. I wonder if its putting the kids to bed, drinking something too late, or something else messing with my internal clock. Part of me wonders if its money worries keeping me up at night. Then again, it could be E teething and up more often the past few nights, just wanting to cuddle. Sigh.
Yesterday was a long day. It was R's day off. He came w/ us to the park for playgoup-we had errands to run in F town that afternoon, and by the time playgroup was over, there was only an hour between that and his first stop. Instead of wasting a trip back and forth, he brought his work, and did that while I socialized and the kids ran around. It was nice, the boys really ran off a lot of energy, and best of all-it was free. I saw where they're putting two additional play areas on site, and I can't wait to check them out next time.

We ran our first errand-the car repair shop. R suspected my brakes needed to be looked at, and I was reluctant-only because I know where that leads-$$. Turns out, my front brakes are starting to go-mind you, we've already done over 25,000 miles, so it was bound to happen sooner or later-I rather it have been later. It is what itis, and $190 later I have new front brakes. Sigh.

We also hit up the bike shop, and got tubes for the bike. The hope is now either DH or I can run to the grocery store or library by ourselves by bike, instead of using the car. Considering how I walked w/ the boys yesterday from our home to the post office and back (round trip 1.5 miles), and it was a nice long afternoon (and the boys went to bed w/o a fight), we may do that more often.

On a related subject, I talked w/ a mom at playgroup today, and we got on the subject of going back to work. She was stressed out about her financial situation-from what I gathered, it seems that she's dealing w/ a lot of stuff, just like me and some other moms I know-our husband's jobs, credit cards, debt, how expenses add up. I encouraged her to check out Dave Ramsey/Suze Orman, as well as some other ideas. I really empathized with her-more so than I think other moms, maybe because of the boat we're in right now. Then again, its just my temperment/personality-I was never one just to throw stuff in my grocery cart, or say, "Hey, lets go to LegoLand" on the fly; instead wondering what kind of fun stuff we could do to make our dollars stretch that much more. Food for thought, especially on a night (or morning) like today.....

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