Saturday, September 13, 2008


i splurged today-sort of. i found and picked up a classic schwinn bicycle on freecycle. in awesome condition. perfect for me and hubby. all it will cost us is a new chain. that can wait until payday-or until i see if any of the places that i have g/c's for have it in stock. either way-yay! its been years since i've had a bike, since i moved out on my own.

i did my mystery shopping w/ baby e while the boys did naps at home w/ hubby. it was better off this way, considering they were already exhausted after playing all morning outside at home. it worked out too, since i had to pick up the bicycle and it would have been too close to the boys car seats to have a comfortable ride around town.

tonight i'm hoping for a quiet night, boys go down early, hubby and i enjoy our tri-tips and baked potatos, along with a nice glass of wine.
tomorrow we'll do our shopping for the week, i don't think we'll need too much, but have g/c's that we can use towards that. i was able to pick up a few more mystery shops this week, plan to do more once i get used to the other companies. i'm excited about the prospects.
enjoy the weekend everyone!

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