Wednesday, September 10, 2008

the need to follow up

this is bugging me, and i don't want it to ruin my morning. so here's my vent today. why can't businesses get it right the first time? ugh......
sears-called them about our food loss claim-they never recieved it. i gave them the email address the last person gave me, it was wrong. to top it off, the person i spoke to said she wasn't sure if it was a valid claim, since it wasn't clear from the work order that it was an appliance malfunction. i was beyond pissed while she double checked. turns out we are still covered, but only because the tech that came out noted that there was food loss because of the initial problem. whatever, just send me my money. it'll take 7-10 days to get a check.
home warrenty-screwed up already. gave my pool man a hard time when he went to file the work order. they called me, left some bizarre message on my answering machine, so i called them yesterday afternoon. turns out the person i spoke to was lazy-there were 3-4 pool companies in the area that could do the work, but since they put down on the work order that i was puhing for a quick repair, i was going to pay out of pocket, above the $300 they would cover for a pool pump repair. (menawhile, my pool man called to let me know that $300 wouldn't buy a decent pool pump, so this shall be interesting.) i got the work order changed, had a company in f town sent the info-of course it was almost 5pm when this happened, so a whole day is lost, while my pool goes to crap. i called first thing this morning, no answer. was i going to miss out today because we're headed to the zoo? hell no, i was going to call them to schedule an appt. thankfully they called while i was making lunches. they can't come out tomorrow, and even then they need to see what's wrong before they'll order a pump-being cheap a-holes, i have a sneaking suspicion that they're going to try and repair it-but my pool man already encouraged me to push for a new one-since it is the original one, and its broken, and fixing it is equivilant to band-aiding the original problem. ugh. i have the specs for an energy efficient one that the pool man was going to get, so tomorrow when the company comes out and determines the pump needs to get replaced (if not, i'm going to have a fit), i'm going to request this specific one. no cheap $300 pump based on the home warrenty-this is crap. ugh....anyways, now that i got this off my chest, i'm going to load up the kids and go to the zoo. i need to get out, that's for sure.

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Jilse said...

That sucks!! I hate when companies try to screw you over and don't get their act together like they are supposed to. I would be royally pissed off to!! I hope everything works out and it doesn't cost you much out of pocket.