Tuesday, September 9, 2008

extended warrenties

whoever said warrenties aren't good, well, in my case i'll differ. my pool service man just told me that our main pool pump is broken. $450 to repair, not including labor. there's no fixing it, only replacement, since its so old. i know we have a home warrenty that is set to expire at the end of the month. the warrenty covers the house, pool, and a/c/heater. put a call in, no one is authorized in my area to do the repair,so i get to use my own pool man to fix it. my out of pocket expense? the $50 deductible! while i'm not thrilled about the expense, i rather pay $50 than upwards of $450. guess i'll be renewing the warrenty this year, to the tune of $708. considering it paid for the water heater repair and the pool repair (which would have cost more than $708 between the two jobs alone, and i only paid my $50 deductible per repair), its money well spent. oh the joys of homeownership!

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