Thursday, May 29, 2008

thinking ahead has its perks

Hubby has a potluck today. He told me about it two weeks ago, and I had reminders up the wazoo. Still, the brownies I promised him went unbaked-sadly, the kids sleep pattern never aligned last night. Instead of going to the store, and paying a small fortune for a small tray, he walked out of here w/ a bag of homemade chocolate chip muffins-that are quite tasty. He pulled out the bag late last night, and they're defrosted and smelling yummy. Gee, I guess baking ahead and freezing extra batches came in handy :)

Last night I tried a new recipe from my Rachael Ray cookbook. It was ground burritos w/ beans and salsa. I loved how I added bell peppers to the mix, and the boys gobbled it up. Yay! I made a double batch of the meat, and making tamale pie (basically cornbread on top of meat) for tonight's meal. I hate waste, and this way we stay on top of the leftovers. Our parenting workshop got changed to tomorrow night, otherwise we'd have the leftovers then (the workshop provider provides meals for the families involved in the program). I'm just glad we made it to the end of the month, and payday is around the corner.

We have a lot of plans going on next month, and I hope I can stick to my internal budget. I'll work from home in the coming days on baking ahead, to take advantage of the cooler weather while it lasts. I also need to run by the store and see if there is any produce marked down-I found a ton of bananas last time that were bruised-but still firm-they were marked down to .33 cents a pound vs. the .79 cents for the same ones (that happened to be green!) I told my MIL about that, and she just laughed. She said the stores do it all the time. How was I supposed to know-I just knew about the meat and bakery-I hadn't seen my store mark down the produce too. Oh and the bananas, I turned them into banana bread. Can someone say yummo? :)

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