Thursday, May 15, 2008

freezer hell

not pointing fingers since he already apologized, but now i have a freezer full of items waiting to be dumped/cleaned out since someone thought the extension cord would power the freezer better than the original cord-wtf??? when he made the switch, i don't know-i'm guessing a week. why he did it, i still don't get-something about not thinking the cord would stay in since it was stretched to its limit-need i mention its been that way for 3 1/2 years? grrrrrr.

having someone come out today or tomorrow to rule out any other problem before restocking the freezer. apparently the freezer is still under warranty. i just told hubby to say goodbye to meat for awhile, since i'm not paying full price to it-he can load up on the fresh produce from the farmers market.

total damage-probably $200-300 worth of frozen items-that i paid about $100-150 for over time. i'll try not to cry as i dump stuff out this morning while i'm going through the wreckage. it could be worse, that much i know. still, it's upsetting. :(

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Jilse said...

Grr that really sucks. It'd be hard not to be upset. Meat is so darn expensive these days, to have to throw out a bunch of it would really tick me off. However it does sound like it was an accident, so what can you do? Ugh.