Saturday, May 31, 2008

happy weekend!

Hooray! I love Saturdays :-) Today we're spending the morning at home, letting the boys burn off some energy, and then going into town this afternoon. Hubby needs new shoes for work-I'm betting those will cost us $100, only because he wears them out, and w/ his size 13 feet, we can't shop just anywhere for him. As much as I hate spending that kind of money-heck that's a week of groceries now (or a little over a tank of gas!), I know he's on his feet all day, so its worth the investment.
We're also headed to a birthday party today. I know the child is into Disney princesses, but honestly, I've never been one for getting junky toys. I'd rather give her an educationa; toy from my toy closet, or clothes, since I know she's growing. I know I'm coming from the mom stand point, and while it may not be a popular view (heck, the child is already 4), I know I can only control what I give, not what the parent decides to do with the gifts her child recieves/doesn't recieve. If she's not happy, oh well-for me, it should be about friendship and celebrating an occasion, not about getting the hottest toy out there. we'll see how it goes.
have a great weekend everyone :-)

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