Tuesday, May 13, 2008

dinners at home

i have the urge to eat out way too often. its a bit sad, since really, once we go out, i usually wish we ate at home. traveling w/ the three boys is much harder that it was with one, two was doable, but three is often out of control. i understand why many families opt for take out at this point. however, my being insistent about using what we have in the fridge gets me in trouble. we have food in the fridge, therefore we have no excuse to eat out. bah. i hate being so practical sometimes. tonight we had pasta w/ sauteed veggies. the boys picked out every stinking vegetable. oh well. glass of wine for hubby and me, milk for the boys. how i wish i could have chocolate covered strawberries too. maybe tonight once the boys are asleep. otherwise, i think another glass of wine and fresh strawberries is in order.

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Jilse said...

I am the same way. I love to eat out, and we do eat out way more than we should. But afterward I feel a huge amount of guilt. It's terrible. I feel better at least when we go out to eat and we use a coupon, or it's kids eat free night. That helps me from feeling as guilty.