Saturday, May 17, 2008

spending money on weekends

family days are always an adventure. never know how much we'll really spend until we are wherever we had planned to be. i try to budget accordingly, but i'm learning the importance of flexibililty. more often now, we're making better choices, so it all evens out.

for instance, yesterday was the farmer's market. we ate at costco on the way there, so i figured we wouldn't need to eat. make a long story short, we bought fresh produce (yay!) and then hubby goes off to get a drink for me and him to share (we planned ahead and brought stuff for the boys, but forgot about us). he came back w/ a tray of food. i could have gotten upset, but figured, it could be worse. we're eating at home, i won't try and make a big deal. the only problem was he got the iced tea from the stand that didn't offer free refills (and doesn't mind how often you come back for more). so he goes and gets another drink-a lemonade for $3-ouch. on second thought, scratch the ouch-because it was unlimited refills. i think by the time we got done at the end of the night, we had 6 refills, and the guy knew that hubby was sharing w/ me (and for the record, he knew that from the start). the night was a success, m showed me his rock star moves, and i decided i'm going to look into the local dance classes once they post their summer schedule.

today was k town' swedish festival. went there for the parade and walked around a bit. considered eating at the stands, all that food was calling my name. we decided to hit up the kids area nearby. they wanted $3 for a bounce house ride-per child. forget that-we did have a tantrum because of it, but hubby said $6 for a few minutes of bouncing was insane. because g and m both pitched a fit, we decided to go home for lunch. no sooner do we get everyone packed up, but g's asleep in the car, e's already asleep, and m's just hanging out.

m went w/ me to kmart to get our outside tent. the cost was a bit more-$124, out the door (and I had a $10 g/c so paid $114), but hubby was pleased w/ the size of it, and is setting it up as we speak. i'll post a pic once we get everything set up.

it may have cost us $150 between the pool, pump, and tent, but the family fun it'll provide-priceless!

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