Friday, May 23, 2008

growing up activities

so i have an interview this afternoon for employment. this agency found my resume online so i have no clue offhand what type of position it is, but once again, i'll just take it as a learning experience. hubby will watch kids so i don't have to worry about that.

yesterday i enrolled both older boys for swim lessons. on the advice of one of the people in charge, i put both boys in the same beginning "getting used to the water" class session. i put them in the first session, so if they do well, i can hopefully move them to the next level later on this summer. at $40 per child, it was the most affordable option. plus, we'll see if the boys are even ready for this step.

i had talked last night w/ a mom at the parenting workshop about the dance studio in town. she has just finished there w/ her 5 year old daughter. i asked her about her experience, and she gave me a lot to think about. not only do the classes cost money, but the studio charges for the outfits for the recitals, tickets for the recital (w/ a 5 ticket minimum purchase), and other fees. all together, she spent approximately $1500 this school year on that one activity-i must say she was thrilled when her daughter didn't want to do it anymore. i am going to see what the summer progam entails-and i still need to see what other local places north and south of us offer.

this weekend will be eventful. we're headed to san jose tomorrow for pictures and seeing my siblings. i'm hoping to either take the boys to santa cruz (free entertainment) or vasona park (free entertainment). we'll spend the evening at a place called the jungle, since my sister's apartment is not conducive to 3 kids hanging out all evening long. my sister told me she has a bogo coupon for the boys (parents and infants are free).

last time we went to the bay area, i planned ahead and brought drinks and snacks, enough to get us though that whole trip. i'm sure i'll pull it off again this weekend. i'll probably buy some food at the grocery store in the bay area, only so i don't have to worry about meals spoiling on the road-but we're always economical when we travel, and i have our coupon book, and my sister's book for her area too. if i'm lucky, the boys will behave well tomorrow night, and maybe my sister and i can go out for a late evening once she gets off work-anything's possible. i figure as long as i have realistic expectations, i'm not prone to being disappointed.

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Jilse said...

Have a great trip! Be safe on the road. Enjoy yourselves!