Sunday, May 4, 2008

give me some cake

and a bounce house, and call it a birthday! we just came from the best birthday party ever, and it was easy. a bounce house, pizza, and fresh fruit. one craft table, with an easy to do craft that even g got into! sparkling juices and bottled water. the kids had a ball. i am totally going to use all these ideas for m's birthday this year. hubby doesn't want to do a party at the house, but considering how easy it would be, and inexpensive to do, i'm totally sold on the idea. now to get the ball rolling. i'm thinking the first week in june, just need to consult the almightly family calendar.

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Jilse said...

I LOVE that pic of M in with the crown. He looks soooo happy!! That party looked like a blast!!! Talk about an easy, fun, and fairly frugal party, I can't blame you for wanting to have a similar party for M's birthday!! Looks like the boys has a great time.