Friday, May 23, 2008

highs and lows

so the job interview didn't go as planned. they wanted someone w/ clinical experience, and i don't have it. gas was 3.95 a gallon at costco and it cost us $72 to fill the tank. yuck! now i'm debating whether we should hit the farmer' market tonight since we just drove all the way back home for a few hours. there's plenty of food in the freezer, i just don't want to cook
can tomorrow come sooner so i can escape? like someone posted recently, i just want to run away....

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Jilse said...

Sorry that the job interview wasn't a match for you. Seems like that's the way it goes lately for us and for you. Just got to keep hanging in there.

That is crazy that it cost you that much for gas today at Costco. I am scared to see how much it's going to cost us the next time we fill up the Explorer. Scary stuff. And it's only getting worse. Ummm the positive is that at least we don't drive cars with even worse gas mileage. lol.