Wednesday, May 7, 2008

using all our resources

I'm tired of asting food, supplies, endess amounts of stuff that we use in our daily lives. I'm all for reusing, recycling, using our stuff until we have no more useout of it. This isn't just better for us but healthier for our environment too. This is the latest ephipheny I had after going through our refridgerator, and having to toss what would have been perfectly good food, had it been used by hubby as he had told me he would. Knowing that I have to accept responsibilty for it too, I told himonce I'm done clearing the dinner dishes at night, I will freeze the leftovers, providing it can be frozen. Whatever he plans to take for lunch, he can take from the freezer. This will allow us to cut back on having to toss stuff because he forgot to grab it, didn't want it, and it not being edible by the time I discover it (frm one of the two above mentioned reasons). I have no trouble eating leftovers, I just hate seeing them getting tossed because someone wont touch them, wheareas someone else would have already devoured it. It'll be interesting to see how this change affects mealtime at home.

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