Friday, May 16, 2008

the cost of staying cool

it's only 102 here, no need to complain, right? screw it, its freaking uncomfortable!
trying not to turn on the a/c, we ate dinner outside last night, heading to the farmer's market tonight to beat the heat. i'm at my wits end trying to just keep busy in a house whose walls seem to get smaller as the heat rises.

in other news, the freezer isn't broken. hooray! i just have to toss out the door, whenever hubby switched the cord originally, the stuff never completely thawed out the whole freezer, only the items in the door. i have double, triple, checked continuously since the beginning, and nothing in the back part was defrosted-the food was rock solid, never looked like it had been refrozen (i've seen what that looks like), only the stuff furthest away-hence, the door stuff. i'm beyond being upset, i just told him he's never allowed near it again. i did double check w/ my mil and other resources to see whether or not i should dump everything, and she (and my findings) said as long as nothing had started to thaw, the items that were rock solid were okay. if anything looks suspicious, i will toss-rather dump than get food poisoning.

i listed some baby boy stuff on ebay. as well as some other yard sale finds. i'll probably list more once were home bound more, gives me something to do amongst the chaos.
scored extremely well on diapers/pullups at target yesterday, while looking for a tent for the bakyard. thankfully i had my coupon binder-scored a ton of packs w/ $2 off pampers/pull up coupons that were mailed here. I'll post my total later, but totally rocked the deal. and kandoo products were clearance for 1.87 and i had $2 off coupons for those too-and they scanned w/o a problem. i had such a high after that shop, made me feel like carrying around the binder wasn't pointless, and that it was actually a good thing to have in the car. people always looked at me funny while i'd look for a coupon, but heck, its there to be used, and hubby doesn't care-he thinks its a bit amusing how gung-ho i am, and always asks me if i have a coupon for something before we buy it. this will make having to plunk down $89 for a sunshade tent that much easier.

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