Tuesday, May 13, 2008

changes are happening

where do i begin? random thoughts....
the car will be donated tomorrow
the dealer for the van called last night, wants me to bring in the van for repairs tomorrow, i had to laugh, they expected me to just leave the car there-but what would i do for the whole day sans car-and w/ 3 kids? chuckling, the guy said he didn't think i'd like being at the dealer all day, i said no, i wouldn't mind-but i bet his employees would-no one wants to hear my kids all day (except for me, of course). so now i'll have a rental, on their dime, thank goodness-i dn't want that expense!
more later, baby crying...
okay, typing and nursing at the same time.
i got nominated for two board positions in a local moms group-haven't been involved for a year, but have slowly been reentering activities-i accepted the nominations so we'll see where that leads
another group is having issues w/ declining membership, i'm interested in revamping it, so we'll where that leads
what does this mean finanicially? i'm still watching our dollars-searching out inexpensive things to do w/ the kids, or better yet, free events to attend
i need support as a mom, and feel others do too-right now this is what i'm passionate about-so i'll see where it leads
i hit up target while down south yesterday-stocked up on rice mixes, seasonings, and mac and cheese. should last through the summer. no more grocery shopping for the week, except for milk. having two growing boys we go through it like crazy. we'll eat at home this week, until farmers market this friday night.

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