Tuesday, May 27, 2008

have lunch?

all i heard yesterday from hubby was how he was bringing lunch to work today. he even got the ingrediants out, but eventually got sidetracked from kids calling his name. did it ever happen? not even close. we had leftovers from dinner, so i figured, perhaps he'd take that. not even close.
so today he asks me to meet him at costco for lunch. we're out of milk, or close to it-only because he guzzles it like water (a pet peeve of mine). i don't want to drive 25 min just for milk-i could make it stretch until tomorrow. i don't want him to spend money on lunch-he should have brought it, there was food at home. i hate dwelling on the small stuff like bringing lunch, but i know how a cheap lunch w/ me somehow morphs into an expensive lunch by himself-sounds backwards, but its true. hubby's called me a compass, for keeping us on track financially. that doesn't mean i don't have the urge to say shove it, lets go out for some good food. i just remember the food we have sitting at home, how less and less is getting tossed out (yay-progress!!!), and the urge dies down into wimper, where it can hang out.
the month is almost over for us, and it brings a new set of challenges w/ it. june will be an expensive month-between our trip to san fran to help hubby's aunt move, m's birthday party, and i'm sure some unforseen expense will crop up.
i hate feeling so blah-when really, there is a lot to be grateful for. i really need to count my blessings and think positive. maybe some baking is in order for today. nothing like fresh banana bread/muffins to put life in perspective.

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