Monday, May 26, 2008

coming home

It seems whenever I head back to the bay, the thought crosses my mind-why did we come to k-town? Was it the farms? The small town vibe? Nah, it was the fact that we were limited to what we could do in our lives if we stayed there. Owning a house? Sure, but a 2 bedroom upstairs apartment w/o a garage started at $450,000. So we moved, clear to where the grapes grow, and citrus trees are down the street. How I miss the days of freeway hopping from one edge of town to another city was a piece of cake, and shopping-well, shopping is in a class by itself there. Here's where our family lies, and I'm grateful for that.

On our way there, hubby and I had quite a discussion about the expense of these pictures that we've paid for over the years. He gripes at the cost, the long drive, but loves the results. I love the drive (in fact I drive the whole time), the visit with family and friends, plus the awesome pictures that come from the camera. I would rather have good quality pictures than a house full of material objects that are used and abused by our three sweet boys. At the end of the shoot, hubby says those oh, so sweet, words-"Honey, you're right" So here for your viewing pleasure, the pictures. All you need to do is go to , click on client log in, then go to view gallery and enter password “ allene36"

By the way, I love hearing what others think of the pictures, please let me know what your favorite images are :)

I have more to write about our trip, but will need to do that in another sitting-kid duty awaits :)

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Jilse said...

It's no surprise to me why you keep driving back to this studio for pics. They are awesome!!! I love the little overall outfit you out E in. And that all the boys and daddy matched. Too cute!!

You got some great pics. Some of my favorites are aag1017,1020,1022. Aao1042, aar1063,aba1078,1082,abi12004,abi12034,aba2034,aby2043,2047, and ach2064.

I adore the shots of R with E, and the whole family at the end. I couldn't pic a favorite of all the boys together.

I am happy to hear you are all home safe!