Saturday, May 3, 2008

don't count the chicks before they hatch

isn't that what th saying goes? no sooner do i sit down and caculate how we're going to spend or not spend this extra tax money that we should be getting, do we enter the world of car troubles. last night on my way home from the interview (which totally sucked) the car began to overheat. given that we just put $2000 in the car a few months back, i'm not really looking forward to what the cost is going to be this time around. thank goodness for aaa, since i got a tow to our car repair shop, and hubby was able to pick me up on the side of the freeway. not a pleasant way to end the night. i'm hoping for a better day today.

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Jilse said...

Isn't that always what happens? I am sorry that your car is acting up again. I hope it's something easily, and cheaply fixed. What a pain.

Also I am sorry your interview wasn't as good as you had hoped for. (hugs!)Keep putting yourself out there. Mr.Man got his rejection letter from his latest job interview. That's the way it goes sometimes I guess. Hang in there!