Wednesday, May 28, 2008


mornings never were my forte. however, since having children, i'm awake earlier and earlier every passing day. maybe by the time my eldest goes to kindergarten, i won't even go to bed-i'll be up the whole night and then some. something to think about while i have my cup of coffee this morning.

i'm hoping today is a positive day. i'm printing up m's birthday invites while running errands this morning. we're headed to a nearby park for a playdate. the weather looks sunny and warm, yay! love this kind of weather before the dreaded heat (and monumental) a/c bill start.

have ground pork defrosting in the fridge. i have to go through my recipes to see what i can make. last night, hubby was less than thrilled w/ my grilled chicken salad dinner (w/ hot dogs for the boys). oh well. we're far from starving. i've told him in so many words that we should count our blessings because there are people less fortunate than ourselves. anyways, as long as i can craft something delish out of the pantry it's all good.

one last tidbit, yesterday the book i requested from the library came in. the tightwad gazette-the first one. i've ordered the compliation, but it's making the rounds right now. i've noticed a definite increase of usage of the frugal living books i've borrowed from the library. i'm thinking w/ the local economy, people are trying to think what else they can do to improve their financial status. i'm just glad we didn't wait until now to start.

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Jilse said...

We had spinach salad last night. Mr.Man isn't thrilled when we have bacon and egg as the main sources of protein. He's a meat man. But I made some fresh homemade rolls and that made him happy. He's also a bread guy. Maybe that will work for your hubby. Mr.Man gobbled up with dinner with gusto once we saw that he was getting rolls. lol.