Friday, May 9, 2008

looking forward to the weekend

so yes, the blazer is officially dead as a doornail. it would cost $3800 to fix it, and that would seriously set us back. so, we'll see if it sells this weekend on craigslist or the local yardsale online group. otherwise we're considering donating it to the local high school for their auto shop class. boy, they'd have fun w/ that mess. ugh....maybe i'd be happier if we didn't just pay $1000 for repairs a month ago. can't cry over spilt milk.
off to the farmers market tonight. probably drown my sorrows in a ice cream cone. have a couple of coupons for food, so maybe we'll use those to treat ourselves. otherwise, we'll eat once we get home.
this weekend should be quiet. no plans for either day, not even mothers day. all i want is to enjoy the sunshine before it gets sweltering hot. maybe a trip to the zoo is in order. we shall see. at the least i'm going to assess our finances and work on a plan for us to reduce our debt more. i want to set up an esa for each boy as well as a retirement account for myself. need to see if we can swing that while paying off the credit cards (what a nightmare that has been-but i'm accountable and responsible for getting into the mess, so i'll get us out of it too). maybe one of these days i'll post what's due-it seems to help one of my friends keep on track-maybe that's the difference between her and me getting ahead-or her just staying focused longer.
enough of my thoughts, happy friday everyone!

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