Sunday, May 18, 2008

weekend review

hubby has two pairs of shorts for this summer, and i'm determined not to be stuck doing more laundry as i already am. so we trekked everyone to walmart, and bought him 5 pairs at $13 each. while the total adds up fast, it's definitely not the $25 per pair from the casual big and tall store. we also got him new underclothes-his have been tattered for a few months, and i knew it was only a matter of time before he got them.
we also went to costco. i think we did pretty well considering we loaded up on produce at the farmer's market and needed some basics (milk, fruit, bread, chicken) to get us close to the end of the month. had our coupon book in tow, and spent $114 out the door. i'm keeping our chopping in perspective-we've been eating at home, bringing snacks w/ us on our family days out, coming home early before the munchies hit. hubby got his snack of turkey jerky, and i got my bottles of snapple. it'll come in handy when we go on our upcoming trips out of town-we won't be inclined to hit up the convienance store for snacks/drinks.
enjoyed the afternoon in the wading pool/big pool. i need to get coupons for swim diapers. i have a feeling e is going to run through the one pack i have more quickly than i did w/ the boys-maybe because we'll be outside a lot more than we used to. i also need to figure out how to keep the wading pool clean. it got dirty w/ m and g playing in the yard and hopping in the pool. trying to keep it in perspective since they were happy, but i don't want to sit in yucky water w/ the baby-and the older boys don't seem to mind either way.
dinner was done on the stove top tonight, i'm planning on using the crock pot tomorrow so idon't have to cook in the heat. have new recipes to use, so that'll be different.
have to clip coupons too- i doubt i'll be shopping, but w/ the diaper deal from last week, i've learned its better to be prepared for anything.

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