Monday, May 5, 2008

put it back

its hard to walk into a store, put stuff in, check the price, and then put it back. normally its not a big deal, but when i'm trying to cut back on endless clutter, mainly what the boys have for playthings, it makes a difference. i walked into target to window shop, and found a couple of containers of moon sand. i've never let the boys have it, but its something they play with at preschool, and i've heard other moms buy it for their kids. i found two containers on clearance and put it in my cart. i walked around, found nothing else. e started to cry, and rather than pay for my items, i stuck them on a nearby endcap and left the store to feed/change him. it was a bit different, but i still enjoyed looking, just thought twice about buying it.
only purchase made today was at the mexican bakery for some goodies for a playgroup. spent a few bucks, and got a ton of sweets. guess what i'm having for breakfast tomorrow :-)

vons had a great sale on power bars and granola bars. i'm going to roll the deal tomorrow when i'm in the city. i don't mind stocking up on that stuff, since we will use them like crazy once it gets warmer, and we continue to spend more time outside. i rather have a bag full of munchies, than consider hitting up mcds every time (even though we will go there once it gets too hot to play outside).

one last success, we ate at home. yay!

tomorrow is a new day, i hope it's a good day :)

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