Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Stepping up

This morning was a hard call. I had the opportunity to fess up on why I didn't want to go to Chuck E Cheese, and I blew it. Afterwards, I felt like a fool-why cover it up, that its financially not a good idea for me to go? I gave some lame excuse about the boys and runny noses, and it just wasn't real-and it wasn't me. She let me off the hook, but I felt crappy about it afterwards. had a second chance, and this time, I owned up-I told her I couldn't go, because we are going to be stretched too thin this weekend-she understood how CEC is expensive and how now she has to pay a sitter so she can go grocery shopping and how that adds up (delete snide remark from me) she just asked me to say something the night before, instead of the morning of the event. That I can understand, so next time I'll do that.

We ended up at storytime and a playarea afterwards. We used our own snacks and drinks, and left before I was tempted to have lunch there. I completed one mystery shop on the way home, and the boys were well behaved. I had a dollar's worth of change, so I bought two bags of M&Ms as a treat for after lunch-I have yet to bust those out, so maybe I'll use them another day.

R's supposed to be on his way home now, and after naps, we'll spend the afternoon outside. Maybe I'll walk to the library w/ the kids, or check out a nearby park. Anything to avoid using gas (since I'll use it tomorrow on a sub day, and mystery shops afterwards).

Have a great afternoon!

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Jilse said...

Believe me I've been in those shoes before. It's a lose/lose situation. If you don't tell the truth you feel bad because you weren't being honest, if you do admit it's too expensive then I've felt like she thought I was just cheap or mis-managed my money. Anyway I hear you loud and clear on this post.

It sounds like you had a nice day anyway and that the kids had fun. That's what's really important right? They don't know what they missed out on, just what they DID get to do.

Have a nice night with your hubby.