Sunday, October 19, 2008

Mid-moth check in

So far, this is where we stand with our goals
1. Make breakfast a top priority-eat at home or bake muffins/bread on the weekends to bring with us instead of hitting up somewhere on the road
We have yet to hit up a breakfast place during the week or weekends! I did break down once on a sub day and buy lunch for $5, but I was beyond ravenous, and had mystery shopping to complete after work. I felt so guilty about it afterwards, and haven't hit it again.

2. Have one crockpot meal a week,
We haven't eaten out this month. Instead of crockpot meals, we've had soup and sandwich nights. Its worked out okay, and I'm betting that as the weather cools down, we'll use the crockpot a bit more. I'm just relieved we're not eating out-that's the primary purpose of this goal.
3. Make one extra payment, consisting of $100 (found money-surveys, mystery shopping, etc.) on debt of choice
I'm waiting to recieve my mystery shopping check for this past month. Once I get it, I'll disperse it to an outstanding debt.

4. Do one pampering activity for myself per week, without spending a dime
I sat down and read a current copy of one of my magazines. I ripped out the recipes I wanted to try, and put one aside that I intend to make this week. It felt nice just to kick back, and it wasn't an expensive activity.

5. Set up something to pamper R, without spending a dime
R's been having his weekend naps, w/o any griping from me. We're both happier when he takes a break to recharge his own batteries.

6. Focus on inexpensive activities for family time
The past few weekends we've spent having family picnics at the park and with one of our playgroups. It really was a lot of fun for us.
7. Continue to reduce our reliance on credit cards
We're thinking twice about purchases. We're more conscious about the ramifications of indulging ourselves with frivilous purchases. We have yet to spend the credit card on necessities for this month.
8. Figure out how much it would cost to go to Hawaii next year (pending our debt was paid off) to visit R's grandfather
This one was a doozy. It would cost us approximately $4500 for our family to to Hawaii for 8 days, including air fare, hotel, and van rental. That's if we left 3 weeks from now, around the birthday season in our home. For R to go alone for 5-6 days, it would cose $900. After thoughtful consideration, we'vc decided to postpone our trip until next Sept-Oct, giving us breathing room to get things paid off and go there w/ a clear consicous. R pointed out that if we go now, instead of enjoying the time we had, we'd be consumed with guilt over the debt we were putting over our heads. While R does want to see his grandfather, he can't see us drowning in debt as a result of that choice. He told his grandfather that we can't afford to go, and although he wants to go, he can't make us go broke. Can you say breakthrough?! Wow, I never thought R would say that, but it does put my mind at ease that he too wants to get ahead as much as I do. Makes those times of saying no to something that much easier to swallow!

That's where we stand right now. Seeing what we've done helps me know where we're going, and even though I feel that we haven't gotten ahead, we haven't made a bigger mess for ourselves. These things take time, and we'll keep trudging along :)

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Jilse said...

Looks like you are right on track this month. That's great!! Keep up the good work, you have such great willpower!