Friday, October 17, 2008

Preschool pumpkin patch trip

I survived! Taking three boys, by myself, I did it!!! Wahooo! M was thrilled, hung out with his friends, Gabriel wanted his teacher, but stayed close to me for most the trip, and E, well E was my lil pumpkin!
I had the chance to sit in on their morning activities in class, since we got there early. M has really learned so much, and is thriving. He loves singing, and I could hear his voice above his classmates as they did their morning circle time. He knew what was supposed to come next, and was so happy to show me what he's been working on. He even had G sit next to him, and told him exactly what to do when-it's hard to believe that in the next year, M will start kindergarten,and G will transition to the older room (once he's potty trained). I saw a few parents (and quite a few grandparents too) on the trip. I got the inside scoop on some of the kindergarten teachers that are good-so I'll jot those names down and reference them once kindergarten registration comes around.
The camera worked wonderfully, took some amazing pictures. My battery died by the end, but not to worry, since we'll be back there next week w/ our large playgroup. I'll upload some pictures this weekend. Its hard to believe that not so long ago I had G in some of the same places as E was sitting, and propped up, and now he, along w/ M were always on the go. Lots of smiles, lots of laughter. It was a really great day!

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Jilse said...

That's soo great! I was thinking about you today and the boys at the pumkpin patch wondering how you were doing. I am so happy to hear that you all had a fantastic time. I can't wait to see some pics!