Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Welcome to October!

Its been a long month, and I couldn't be more happier that October is here. We stuck to our goal of eating at home more often, and our waistline and wallets thank us. I'm determined to improve upon it this month, but I need a day or two to determine what additional goal I want to meet.
With Oct starting today, so does payday. After a trip to the bank, I can pay our mortgage, preschool, and car payment. There are other bills, and those will get paid too. Money will be a little tighter this month, but only because we are paying for childcare for E while I go to work. I'll get my first paycheck at the end of Oct, and it'll be smooth sailing after that.

R and I talked about work yesterday. He's worried about me burning out, my mother's guilt about putting E in child care part time. He knows I have this love-hate relationship with going to work, its definitely different than before I had children. However, I really feel like this time it's something I have to do to help my family. We made poor choices, and now this is part of getting back on our feet. Plus, something I forgot to consider when I first signed up, but realized later on, is that while I was in school, I thought about working for schools as a social worker. I can definitely use this subbing job to my benefit-networking, hearing about other positions. Its all about baby steps, and that'll keep me moving forward.

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