Saturday, October 11, 2008

Take a ride on the train

Tday was a great family day. We lounged around this morning, I input my shops, and R and I relaxed while the boys watched Sprouts. We had breakfast at home, and R planned to take the boys to a travel agent in town while I completed my mystery shop. As it turned out, the travel agent is no longer here, so R sat in the car w/ the boys while I did my shop. It didn't go as planned (no one was there!), so we came home to regroup and plan the rest of our day. At home, I double checked my shop, and confirmed I did what I was supposed to do-so I will still get paid for doing the shop. R decided he'd take the boys to recycle the cans, and I would pack a lunch for the pumpkin patch. We both did our things, and R picked me up once he was done. We decided the money we got from the cans would be what we used at the pumpkin patch.

The pumpkin patch was packed! OMG, I have never seen so many cars in my life. Turns out, the family did some serious advertising and attracted a ton of people. We didn't get a spot in their main lot, or out in front-we had to use the overflow lot-which is used in the winter since its closer to the christmas tree stuff. Crazy!!!The owners also raised the train ticket prices, from $2 to $3 for everyone 2 and up. We had just enough from recycling the cans for our train tickets, so we all got to go on it. The wait was long, about 20 min, but the boys handled it well. We actually got out of line at one point, and ate our picnic lunch, since I thought the boys would have a melt down if we didn't eat soon. There were people eating snacks all over the place (the place was selling a lot of food this year), and we were all getting antsy, and the bottm line, there was temptation, but we were prepared! We devoured our lunch and got back in line. The line was much longer when we reentered it (40 min), but it worked out fine. I even had time to nurse E while R waited in line w/ the boys.

I loved the train ride, everyone was so happy-and considering we don't get to do this for the pumpkin patch visit w/ our preschool and playgroup, it was worth it. We spent a lot of time playing in the play structures, and the boys had a blast playing w/ tractors. All of that was free, so we let them run out their energy. We also walked through a steam engine display, and I think both the boys were enamored with how the machinery worked-they didn't want to leave! We stopped by the pumpkin patch itself, but considering it wasn't about the pumpkins so much this weekend as the trains, we didn't stay very long. In fact, R and I may take the boys again next weekend, if we want to do family pictures at the pumpkin patch. We're going a few more times though w/ different groups, so if we still miss out next weekend, we'll go another time.

Oh about pictures-my camera came yesterday, and I figured out how to use it! Yay! Got lots of great pics of the boys, and even a couple of shots of the family. We spent 4 hours there, and it was so much fun!

We debated going to F town to check out booster seats for M, but decided we had enough time out, and came home. We spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing, and letting the boys hang out. I made a stir fry for dinner w/ veggies and chicken, and made enough for tomorrow's lunch. We worked on puzzles this evening, and just chilled at home.

Overall it was a great day, and I really liked how it all turned out. Days like this make for happy memories, that's for sure!

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Jilse said...

Yay! I am glad you were able to take the boys to see the trains also. My girls had a blast!! Our experiences were a little different though. We went as soon as they opened and we barely waited 5 minutes to ride on the train. And we parked in the normal lot. When we drove by the place on our way home the place was packed, cars parked along the road and beyond. I am really glad we went when we did after reading your post.