Friday, October 31, 2008

Preschool and Halloween

Today has been a wonderful day. A bit chaotic, but what a day! We spent the morning at preschool, and took all the children through our small downtown to go trick or treating. What a sight to see 30+ little ones, and 8 infants in double strollers, in costumes, big smiles on their faces. I loved being able to tag along, saw Matthew and his friends, Gabriel tagging along beside him. Elijah was content in the double stroller with one of his friends, and I was another set of protective eyes on all our youth. We made a nice stop at the local hospital in town, the children serenaded the residents and staff with songs, and gathered candy from everyone. I don't know who was happier-the residents who were usually alone and w/o many visiters, or the children who were excited to share their singing skills. I hung out with the other moms, and commented on how big our kids were getting, looking all big in their costumes. For some of us this is the last year of doing this type of thing, for others its just the beginning. Either way, I learned the kindergarteners do this every year too, so its something to look forward to with M next fall.

We had lunch at preschool, and the boys were tired, but too wound up to sleep. I decided we'll hang out at home for the afternoon, until its time to take off for the local community event. Its not raining, nor does it look like its immenient, so it seems like we're in for a wonderful evening.

I'v taken so many pictures today, I can't wait to pick my favorites to scrapbook. I may just go online tonight and order them-tomorrow I'm headed to a scrapbooking birthday party, so it would be wonderful if I could get caught up in one day-that would be great!

I'll try to post again later, but if not, I hope everyone has a safe night!

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