Friday, October 17, 2008

$272.77 for what?

OMG, I had such a rush today. Its been a long day, and taking two trips to a grocery store w/o naps, heck that was asking for trouble. However, I played my cards right, and actually spent $83.77 on a total bill that would have been 272.77!

I hit Save Mart for a frozen pizza tonight, and saw a huge freezer case of items marked "reduced to $1, $2, $3" Pints of Ben and Jerry, 1.5 quarts of Breyers, bags of Tyson chicken nuggets and other chicken items, lots and lots of Eggo products. I looked over my coupons, and had a coupon for every item, but I knew I had more at home. I decided I'd buy what I could, go home, and see if it was worth a return trip. Well, I went down another aisle, and a shopping cart stacked with the full size Similac and Enfamil formula, marked from $22 to $8-each! On several canisters were $3 mq coupons, so I picked those up. I knew I had formula coupons at home, and definitely wanted to come back for those. I can't even buy one canister for less than $12, and that's buying the double pack at Costco for $22. I received several more coupons when checking out-$8 off of formula, $9 off a future trip, $1.50 off of Tyson products.

I got out of the store in one piece, giddy with excitement, unloaded the car, and grabbed my stack of coupons. Loaded up another cart, and made it in and out within 10 minutes. Got more cans of formula, a few cartons of ice cream, and lots and lots of frozen chicken. This isn't the cheapie stuff, this stuff is expensive, and good, and we'll eat this before heading to McDonalds or anywhere else. Makes nights w/ babysitters and mad cap days so much easier too. This time, the supply had begun to dwindle, and I could see all the stuff I had grabbed was going fast.

Grand total of savings, 69%, or $189, $35.30 of that was manufacturer coupons! Wow!

Tonight after the retirement party, I may swing by there again, just to see if any of the ice cream is left. Looking at my receipt, it rang up as $1 for the 1.5 quarts of Breyers, as well as the pints of Ben and Jerry's, and that stuff would be great to have w/ the holidays coming up, and doesn't go bad for a long time in the freezer.

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