Saturday, October 11, 2008

Feels like fall

Brrrr. Coffee sounded really good this morning, it was so chilly in the house. This weekend I definitely need to bring out the warm pj's and flannel sheets. Its just slightly cool at night to use them now.
Today's plan is for me to complete the apartment mystery shop from last week. I also need to input my data from the shops completed yesterday. Between doing those, we'll have a nice quiet morning at home, and possibly go to a local community event-its supposed to have trains, and I think the boys would love to see them.
One good thing came about yesterday, from the snafu of not having work. My camera came-yay! I'm definitely pleased w/ it, and can't wait to test it out in the weeks ahead. Now I can relax about being able to capture the holiday moments ahead with the boys.
Have a great Saturday everyone!

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