Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween wrap up

Tonight was an amazing, fun filled family night. R came home right in time for us to head out to the community event. The boys were ramped up, and Baby E was cute as a button in his tiger costume. Some might wonder what happened to my glorious plans for making his costume. Well, as fate would have it, a wonderful woman freecycled an adorable tiger costume, and I couldn't pass it up. It would have cost me more to make the fire fighter one, and honestly, when I saw how cute E looked as a tiger, I knew it was a perfect match. Anyways, back to our night.

We got to the event, and was amazed at how many people were there-yet it didn't look very crowded. The boys spied the bounce houses, pony rides, carnival games, a tractor ride, mini-maze, and so much more. To add to it, was the glorious smell of popcorn, cotton candy, and hot dogs. I wasn't sure how long we'd stay, since R and I didn't bring any money. I heard the event was free, and I figured if it cost money to eat, we'd eat the dinner I had for us at home before we went trick or treating. We soon learned everything really was free!

E was asleep when we arrived-I thought for sue he'd awake w/ all the noise, but no, he slept through the first hour. Hence the sleeping picture of me w/ him and his brothers (same for R and the boys). The boys played carnival games, and recieved a ton of candy. They rode a horse (not a pony, but a big horse!), and loved every second of that ride. I took the older ones on the tractor ride, and it was so much fun, we saw the whole event before our eyes. We filled up on lemonade, popcorn, hot dogs, and chips. The boys were eyeing their candy, but I think they were too full to snack on it.

We ran into M's preschool teacher and her children, plus her own mother. We ran into many of M's playmates from school and their parents. I saw a ton of costumes, and got some really good (inexpensive ideas) for making costumes next year-saw a lot more homemade ones that were adorable!

We came home, and R said he'd hand out candy w/ E, while I took the older ones out around the neighborhood. On a whim, I brought an empty bag w/ me, in case the boys baskets broke, or overflowed, or something else happened to them. It turned out that the kids made out like bandits-we didn't make it to the end of our street before their baskets were filled. G was tired, but M asked to go on. I said we could, and just going around the block, and two cul-de-sacs, we filled their baskets two more times. Those baskets were already filled twice today (once at the preschool, and then at the carnival), so now we're overflowing w/ treats. M was such a good older brother, he reminded G many times how to say "trick or treat" and always to say thank you. It was also cute how M kept asking G if he was doing okay, and M kept saying how much fun he was having, he loved Halloween-I never thought he would be so crazy about it, but he was!

I wondered what M would want when we got home-G already nabbed a lollipop, but I wasn't sure wha M wanted. He didn't want any candy, but a little toy that someone had given him. Talk about different.

Bedtime went off w/o a hitch, E was happy to snuggle and drift off to sleep, and now I can quietly go through the chocolate stash and see what treats await me. Oh the joys of being the parent!

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