Friday, February 13, 2009


Yay, we've made it through the second week in February. It's had its moments of ups and downs, but overall, I really can't complain. Here are some of the highlights:

R took the car to the dealership, and the outcome was we need new brakes. Its no longer under warrenty, so R called our repair shop and learned their price is $180, $75 cheaper than the dealership. It will take a few days for them to acquire the parts, but we'll bring the car by once they have them.

I worked two days this week (so that's the car repair money!) plus other side jobs. I was asked to do a heavily bonused job ($50) this weekend which is an hour away for 15 min of work. I did it last month, and even though it didn't go as planned, I still was paid within a realistic time frame. We saw new sights along the way, and it was an inexpensive road trip. R was more than happy to do it again, so that'll be our day trip for tomorrow. I'm attempting to pick up more work on the way, since its an area work often gets bonused. We'll see what develops.

We went to Costco last night and walked out with under $30 in groceries. We left all our usual treats there, and saw that everything in the coupon book we have been getting cheaper, or altogether doing without those items. Pretty shocking to both of us as we used to use a lot of those coupons. The only one I'm holding onto is laundry soap, but even then it'll wait until next month. It's not a need in the next couple of weeks and chances are it may go on sale cheaper somewhere else.

Finally, yesterday R and I had a long discussion about our finances. He is upset with how we've gotten ourselves in this mess, but doesn't necessarily realize how all the steps we've taken have made an impact. I told him he would see it more over time, when we get our bills next month, as we're less stressed, he'll see the positive changes we've made. Its just hard since R needs encouragment now, and I don't always think I have the right answers. Until then, I'll continue one step at a time.

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