Sunday, February 22, 2009

weekend plans

This weekend was mellow. Yesterday we went to V town bright and early at 8am, while R studied at the library. The boys and I went to an awesome park w/ ducks and trails, it was freezing cold for us-about 56 I think, but we were bundled up and were outside for over an hour. I took some great shots of the boys playing, and E chilling in his stroller. We wandered over to Target, window shopped, and then went back to the college. By then G had fallen asleep, but M was wound up-and E wanted out of his car seat. I keep a soccer ball in the truck, and it got a good workout. M and I had an impromtu soccer game, E was in my arms most the time. Needless to say, I felt like I got a great workout and the best part-M kept saying how much fun he was having. We came home for lunch when R was done with homework, then headed out for two mystery shops and shoes for R.

Why were we looking for shoes, while we're on the no spend challenge? Well, R had one pair of sneakers, and they tore-at the seam, on the front of the shoe, so it had a wide gaping hole-visible and no way to repair it, it was done. After 6 months of wear, he's worn those shoes out. He didn't complain about the wear, but the hole-well, I saw it and knew if he stepped in a puddle his foot would be soaked. The only other pair of shoes he owns is a pair of dress loafers-not what he can wear all day out in the field-especially when he has to shoot at the range, do home visits, and basically be on his feet a lot during the day. We tried looking for shoes for R while out in F town, but the store we went to last time was now out of business. We tried some other places, even looked at the adjoining shopping area, but saw more vacant storefronts than stores, and those still in business were just for women. Payless was not an option-those shoes are poor quality, and considering how much R is on his feet, he really needed something durable and appropriate for work. Other stores don't carry his size, so we were left without a place to go. Instead, we returned home since it was time for dinner, and we decided to make a go of it today.

Before hitting the mall, we hit up the grocery store in town. Bough fresh produce, tortillas, yogurt, and coffee. Spent under $20 for the week-since we have a ton of meat still frozen, and are still well stocked with pantry items. When we ventured to the mall, R went one way to look at shoes, and I kept the kids busy at the insanely packed playarea, and then wandered around. We were at the mall for at least an hour and a half, and the kids were happy. I didn't spend any money on snacks or drinks, and met up with R when he was done. He found a pair of shoes at Foot Locker, and used the coupon from the Entertainment book. We used the cash we had in the bank to buy his shoes. We came home for dinner, and I made a delish chicken curry w/ coconut rice. Nowhere near as tasty as the thai food R and I used to enjoy in the Bay Area, but I loved it, and R and the kids devoured it. G even asked to have it for lunch tomorrow. We all curled up to watch the Academy Awards-and I think the boys got a kick out of all the movie and song and dance tributes. Nice end to a mellow weekend.

Now its off to bed before the start of a busy week :)

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