Sunday, February 22, 2009

What I need to get back to

When I do decide to shop again, I have inspiration:
Queen of Fifty Cents
The Thrifty Chicks
While others are anti yard sale, Goodwill, Salavation Army, etc I am not. I love the thrill of looking, and the sheer fun of finding things we can use at home. That's how I found some of the boys toys, a ton of their clothes, and household items (photo albums and scrapbook items too!). My newest hunt, patio and outdoor stuff for the kids. Looking now vs later is better, since items tend to come in droves during the offseason, but disappear quickly if appear at all, during the appropriate season.

Yesterday we found a new consignment store in F town-one that had name brand clothes, along with the usual designer duds. Apparently business is booming-people are bringing in their cast offs for cash-I don't mind looking, last week I saw Seven for all Mankind jean which retail for $200-for $48, and Abercromie jeans which retail for $80+ for $14. The kids section-gymboree, gap, children's place anyone? All the cutesy dresses and cute boy clothes (button up shirts, cute overalls, plenty of jeans) I could see, ranging from newborn to size 12 for kids (and then more for juniors). and this was at the resale boutique in K town-one that is so nice, you'd think it was selling its own version of clothes too. Now I'm not one to spend $48 on jeans regardless, but $14? I can't even get a brand new pair for that at Old Navy or Target. Not to mention kid clothes-my boys are set until they're in size 6-7, but that's because I've found stuff on freecycle, as well as received hand me downs from friends. However, if my boys needed stuff, this is the way I'd go first, you never know what kind of cute things you will find :-)
Happy shopping everyone!

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