Saturday, February 7, 2009

Week in review

This week went by fast. We paid our bills for the month, and now have to budget closely to make sure our cash lasts for the rest of the month. I hope to make an additional payment to our savings account (which was a line item on our budget-forced savings!) at the end of the month. At a quick glance, I think we'll manage, both with food and entertainment.

The one thing I've noticed is that we're never able to keep enough fruit in the house. It seems like we plowed through all the apples and bananas bought earlier this week. In my mind though, that's okay. What it cost for fruit is much cheaper than processed snacks or fast food trips. We have plans to hit Costco this afternoon for fruit (and let the kids munch on samples) and the mall to let the kids run around. While McD's is closer, I don't want to be surrounded by the temptation of fast food right now. Also, after reviewing the local parenting magazine, I see the library is having a movie afternoon, showing Charlotte's Web, so that's an option too. We'll see how the kids behave, what we're up for, and go from there.

Overall, I'm proud of how both R and I made it through this week, not spending discretionary funds on things that weren't needed. It feels nice to have money in our pockets, even better to know that we've made it last this long. I'm not worried about whether or not we'll spend what we have, R's credit cards are gone, and the thought of using mine actually sickens me. I feel much better using cash, since when its gone, its really gone, and the fact that we've made it through one week of the no spend challenge, well, I am excited to see what the weekend holds.

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