Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Midweek pause

Typically Wed is our playgroup morning, and I'm used to the chaos that is our lives. Trying to get out the door, snack bag in hand, diaper bag becoming a less frequent attendee (except for the diapers and a thing of wipes left in the car), and off we go. Today is a different day. Picture day at preschool.

M's class is having cap and gown pics through Lifetouch-the same company that's been around since I was getting my class pictures done. While I don't think pre-k graduation pics are necessary, I do like how they're taking the shots first, w/o a commitment to purchase. So I signed the paper, and I'll see how they turn out. I had planned on letting the younger boys take individual pictures since spring pics are also being done this morning, but at the last minute I decided to do one picture with all three boys. How it'll turn out is anyone's guess. Considering right now that Sears and Penney's keep sending me mail (w/ a sitting fee of $0 for the first person, $9.99 per additional person), and there's no fee to have the pictures taken, it didn't hurt to have them done at preschool.

Now, I did have one mommy moment-my boys were no longer wearing coordinating shirts-ack!! I never thought I'd be one of those moms-ya know, the ones that just say the shirt is clean, you have no rips in your jeans, just smile and say cheese, but it happened. I'm one of those! Funny enough, now I think it'll turn out just as cute, if not cuter, since M is wearing a shirt that shows off his blue eyes, G is wearing a shirt that shows his love for water, and E, well E's shirt is all about balls, which is something he's fasinated by right now.

After pictures, we'll head to storytime to meet up with friends, then off to play at McD's. I found some change doing laundry, so the boys may have lunch while we're out. I'll probably eat beforehand, or wait until we get home. We also have grocery shopping to do-out of eggs and milk. Where do they go? I feel I need a cow and a few chicken for all we go through all month!

Have a great one everyone :-)

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Jilse said...

Hooray for picture day! I'm getting the girls pics done next week at Sears for their birthday pictures. I double checked the coupon I have and there's no sitting fee at all, you scared me after reading your post. I am hoping to get some great pictures at a reasonable price. I can't wait to see how your boys pictures come out! Post a link or pics if you decide to buy some!