Tuesday, February 3, 2009

No spend challenge Day 2

Yesterday was a struggle-I was tempted to buy birthday presents at Target that were 75% off, cheaper than the last time I was there (and bought the same things). However, I didn't buy them. I placed them back on the shelf, wondering if I was going to manage with the gifts I have in my gift closet. My rationale, it's not a necessary expense, and I didn't have any Target gift cards in hand to use, so I did the wise thing (although it was tempting), and walked away. Two days down, 26 to go. Lets hope today is easier.

I had wanted to go to the library for a long time, and finally had my chance yesterday. I saw a beautiful new library, children have their own wing of it, it's phenomenal! I plan on taking the older boys there and taking advantage of the yoga storytime again, maybe next month. In town I hit up the library too, and checked out a few new books. I hope that'll keep me going when I have the itch to spend on new books.

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Jilse said...

Good for you for having the willpower to put the stuff back. I had the same issue when we were there and I found kids flannel sheets for 30% off. I was very tempted to buy them, and Mr.Man gave me the go ahead, but I knew they weren't really a need but rather a want.

Kudos to you for having the willpower to stay strong.