Sunday, February 15, 2009

Mid weekend review

This weekend has been low key and stress free. Yesterday was a wonderful Valentine's Day. I woke up with the boys, and R slept until 7:15. We had breakfast, and R took the boys on a walk around the neighborhood. After he returned, the boys spent the morning playing with their scooters out front. After preparing for our car trip, we hit the road for my mystery shop. We had a nice ride there, the boys loved seeing the farmland, I personally loved the lack of fast food and gas station signs we always see when we head the opposite direction. While on the road, I saw signs for a couple of museums, and one for a wildlife refuge. I'm going to research those, and see if its worth going and find out about admission fees. After completing the shop, we decided to head to V town. R left his lunch bag at work, and we were debating what to do for lunch. The boys ended up falling asleep, and when we arrive in V town, R and I decided that we would rather go home for lunch than spend $15 at McD's or a similar place for lunch. It was a hard decision to make, it would have been easier to have lunch out, but as we hit the freeway home, I told R that stopping for lunch there would have been about laziness, and not about a treat for ourselves. We have a ton of food at home, and I'm determined to keep the no spend challenge. He was on board, and was impressed with how long we've lasted on this challenge. It never occured to him how long we really have been on this challenge-he's purely doing it one day at a time, because that's what he can handle.

We came home and brought out the leftovers (pasta) from the night before. I also made egg burritos, since there weren't enough leftovers to go around. The kids were happy, and I was happy too-we avoided temptation again!

R stayed home with the older boys to watch a movie, while I walked to the library with E. The walk was peaceful and serene-While on my stroll, I realized that I miss walking around our neighborhood-I used to do it more often, but had gotten away from it. Not sure if it was because we're busier than we used to be, or that the weather has been hit and miss, but I miss it.

I found many books at the library for our family. I have been reading to the boys, but wanted to branch out of my comfort zone. I found a couple of Valentines themed books, perfect for bedtime. I also found a huge section of early reader books, which suprised me in part because our library is so small. I had been debating on whether I should purchase books for M, but seeing how many were there, well, I'm going to fully utilize that resource. and save the money for our other expenses.

When I returned home, I told R I want to start walking more, and he was all for it. I think as the weather improves, I'll head out more. I realized we didn't have anything set out for dinner, so I defrosted some chicken in the microwave-I had a recipe in mind, and it was easy to get started. Because I made a double batch (for lunch today), it was a bit later than normal when we ate, but dinner was delicious. We had a nice bottle of wine, and I think as a result (plus the driving from earlier in the day) I fell asleep while putting the kids to bed. R enjoyed the cake I made, and saved some for me. Not quite the romantic evening we had envisioned, but both of us were just appreciative we had each other, when there's so much sadness and heartache in the world.

Today is shaping up to be a mellow day. The weather looks like its going to downpour any minute, and I'm debating on whether we want to head into town to let the kids run off some energy at the local mall. I have returns to make in town (that can always wait for another day), and gift cards available for food. Not sure what we'll do; we may just call it a restful day at home and go out tomorrow. We'll play it by ear. Hope everyone is having a relaxing Sunday!

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