Monday, February 16, 2009

what to do

So much I want to do, yet never know how quite to make it all work. I want my house to look like some magazine spread, yet it always appears like a mack truck, filled with toys, clothes, assorted mail, hits it.
I want to have a space for myself. One that's not overun by boys toys. Or big boy toys. Sigh.
I want to put flowers in a vase-to make a space more girly.
I want to get caught up on printing pictures. I take an awful lot, but get sidetracked printing them.
This is my mind at 4am, when the kids are asleep and I watch reality tv.
Now to think about what I can accomplish this week....

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Jilse said...

Instead of a man cave you need a ladies retreat somewhere in your home. My dad had his man cave in the garage and he had a lock on the door and everything. Is there somewhere in your house that you can section off for just you and all the girly stuff you enjoy? Everyone needs a space of their own to just unwind and relax.